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Webinar Recording: Preventing and Managing Violence and High-Risk Behaviors in the Workplace

May 21, 2013

Workplace violence is the fastest growing form of homicide, the second leading cause of workplace death for women and costs companies an estimated $121 billion annually. 

How do you handle a workplace bully? How do you safely terminate an employee? Do you or your employees know how to identify high-risk behavior? These are some of the critical questions that employers have to know to ensure safety within the workplace.

Dr. Marc McElhaney of Critical Response Associates presented a webinar, Preventing and Managing Violence and High-Risk Behaviors in the Workplace, to help employers understand how to prevent, manage and respond to workplace violence and other high-risk behaviors.

In this webinar, Dr. McElhaney and F&H Solutions Group discussed:

  • The associated physical, financial and legal risks of workplace violence
  • The most common employment mistakes that contribute to workplace violence
  • How to prevent and manage severe consequences
  • The importance of training your employees to identify high-risk behavior
  • Information about our low-cost Workplace Violence Prevention and Response Program