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Labor Relations

Labor costs can account for up to 70 percent of all operating expenses at companies with unionized employees. We help employers remain competitive by minimizing labor costs and maximizing productivity.

Today, unions have become increasingly more sophisticated in negotiating collective bargaining agreements while companies continually face the pressure of increased labor costs. Managing these costs is one of the keys to building a successful and profitable business. However, it also is one of the most challenging tasks.

F&H Solutions Group delivers the information, ideas and results organizations need to effectively manage labor-related issues, including high labor costs, government regulations, collective bargaining and arbitration proceedings. We have unmatched expertise in labor negotiations, analysis and research, particularly in the media, transportation, manufacturing, construction and real estate industries. Our labor relations consulting team is keenly aware of the need to carefully balance financial demands with the employee relations and customer service aspects of your business. This awareness – along with our attention to detail – sets our labor negotiators, analysts and researchers apart from all others.

Our consultants work with clients of all sizes in many different industries and on a wide range of labor relations matters. We have extensive labor relations consulting experience, ranging from multi-employer bargaining, to mergers and consolidations, to rapid growth environments and bankruptcies. In addition, our labor relations consultants participate in numerous types of negotiations, including judicial and nonjudicial restructurings as well as routine contract negotiations as they expire in normal operations.

F&H Solutions Group consultants offer expertise to guide a client’s relationships with its unions. Our experts can:

  • Analyze labor and financial matters
  • Assist with strategic advice and unexpected labor crises
  • Conduct industry surveys on salaries, work rules and benefits
  • Develop costing models company representatives can use in negotiations
  • Draft contract proposals
  • Manage contract administration of discipline/discharge and related grievances
  • Perform due diligence on labor matters in mergers, acquisitions, asset sales and consolidations
  • Provide comparative data from collective bargaining agreements
  • Provide complete outsourcing of a client’s labor relations functions
  • Serve as expert witnesses on labor and employment matters in arbitrations and court cases
  • Serve as lead negotiator or member of a company bargaining committee

F&H Solutions Group's labor relations team provides many benefits to employers:

  • Our extensive experience in collective bargaining equates to proven results at the bargaining table
  • Our expertise in analyzing thousands of labor contracts ensures our clients have superior support prior to and/or during negotiations
  • Our industry-specific benchmarking and analyses provide clients with:
    • Quantitative data at the bargaining table
    • Industry knowledge and trends
    • Comparative information and analysis that can support and help justify a company’s “asks” and defend against a union’s “asks.”
    • Specific data that can help companies avoid agreeing to expensive terms outside the industry norm
  • Our knowledge helps mitigate damages and liabilities in arbitrations and court proceedings
  • Our bankruptcy expertise helps clients restructure contracts, resulting in billions of dollars saved

F&H Solutions Group offers tools and information to help clients prepare for negotiations, arbitrations and other labor relations matters.

  • Arbitration Research Tools
    • Arbitration Award Databases
    • Solutions’ Stats
  • Labor cost modeling
  • Salary and benefit surveys
  • Wage, work rule and benefits comparisons

Many of our clients have been with us for over 20 years and trust our services:

“FHSG brings railroads together to discuss labor issues they are having, whether for minor or major disputes, and the processes they must follow due to individual agency requirements. [We have] easy access to awards, arbitrations, arbitrators’ names, etc.” 

“[FHSG affords us] knowledge of applicable laws, connections to key industry players and innovative suggestions to resolve problems.”

“FHSG understands the business and challenges faced by our group. Despite the silly situations we find ourselves in, I do not get the impression that judgment is being made. Our group is usually in a no-win situation without the ability to do much about it. FHSG helps us manage the cards we have been dealt.”

“Their knowledge and expertise in the industry, availability to the client and anticipation of the client’s needs in a proactive manner make FHSG a leader in the industry. Importantly, FHSG is very effective in communicating on all fronts.”

“[FHSG] staff is available and responsive. The level of expertise is very high. They are extremely client-oriented and willing to share information.”

"I think we qualify as one of those clients for life!"