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The Network, Inc. Launches Discrimination & Harassment eLearning Courses
August 07, 2012  

ATLANTA (Aug. 7, 2012) — The Network, Inc., a leading provider of governance, risk and compliance (GRC) solutions, and F&H Solutions Group LLC, a leading human capital solutions consultant, today announced the release of The Network’s newest ReadyTraining™ eLearning courses collectively entitled “Discrimination & Harassment: Maintaining Respect.” The courses are intended to raise employee awareness of what discrimination and harassment are, the do’s and don’ts of creating a respectful workplace and the legal implications of violating the law.

The configurable on-demand training is comprised of three courses that are fully compliant with the state-mandated requirements in California, Maine and Connecticut and two topical “Learning Blocks” designed to deliver high-level messaging around discrimination and sexual harassment. The courses, which are available in 10 languages, include supervisor- and employee-level training options. The two-hour supervisor course option meets stringent California state law AB 1825 requirements for interactivity, learning assessments, skill-building activities, hypothetical scenarios and engaging discussion questions.

To develop the discrimination and harassment courseware, The Network partnered with F&H Solutions Group, a national consulting firm with expertise in employment practices, diversity, training, development and other human resources and management services solutions. F&H Solutions Group was originally formed by the national labor and employment law firm, Ford & Harrison LLP and is currently affiliated with the firm.

“Discrimination has a huge impact in the workplace. It affects organizations of every type and size across every industry,” said Jennifer Melton, an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)/diversity management consultant and facilitator with F&H Solutions Group who assists clients in the development of organizational EEO and diversity-related initiatives. Melton has also been instrumental in conducting successful EEO investigations in a wide array of consumer industries. “Recent statistics from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) indicate a record-breaking number of complaints filed as well as an increase in related lawsuits. This is due, in part, to the weakening economy, coupled with expanded EEO legislation and more stringent government enforcement. It is not uncommon to see settlements and jury awards totaling well over seven figures.”

Melton continued: “These new eLearning courses help defend against that increasing trend by emphasizing the organization’s responsibility to prevent discrimination and harassment through the implementation of effective non-harassment policies and procedures, as well as improved management skills.”

“These courses help employees at various levels of an organization better understand discrimination while providing those organizations with a flexible eLearning solution that meets their needs for compliance regulations,” said Jimmy Lin, vice president of Product Management and Corporate Strategy at The Network. “The courses use engaging real-life scenarios and interactive online activities to stress both the employer’s and the employee’s responsibility to immediately report incidents of misconduct encountered in the workplace and for employers to take immediate and appropriate corrective action.”

Lin continued: “It only takes one charge of harassment to damage the performance, reputation and employee morale of your entire company, to say little of the potential costs from lawsuits and penalties. The ‘Maintaining Respect’ courseware helps companies operate from a defensible posture, providing a way to proactively mitigate potential threats and guard against retaliation.”

ReadyTraining is a suite of cost-effective, ready-built courses that can be configured to reflect client-specific messaging, branding and policies. The courses are available in multiple languages and accessible via mobile devices to support global enterprises. ReadyTraining is designed for quick deployment and provides an engaging, interactive experience along with critical metrics, administration and certification tools.

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The Network, Inc. is a leading provider of integrated governance, risk and compliance (GRC) solutions that enable organizations to mitigate risk and promote organizational compliance. Combining dynamic SaaS-based technology with expert-level services, The Network helps global enterprises protect, detect and correct the risks posed by fraud and unethical conduct. Established in 1982, The Network serves thousands of organizations in every industry, including nearly 50 percent of the Fortune 500. For more information, visit

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F&H Solutions Group is a national consulting firm of experienced professionals providing creative human resources solutions in a rapidly changing business world. Its consultants work with clients in developing collaborative solutions to their human resources needs and requirements. Its consultants work to develop collaborative solutions to organizations’ human resources needs and requirements. The firm’s capabilities and solutions span the entire human resources platform, ranging from strategy and assessment through execution and implementation. Visit for more information.

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