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January 6, 2017

Sociomapping is a new paradigm in analyzing, mapping, and improving team and organizational relationships. It is real-time data collection, display, and discussion – no more waiting around for surveys to be collected. F&H Solutions Group is one of the only U.S. companies that can offer this – and the results have been powerful.

A well-functioning team positively affects the performance of its individual team members. Understanding team dynamics is the first step to address challenges related to team performance. However, within a multi-person-team, there are hundreds of relationships that are very complex to analyze. 

Sociomapping is used to simplify this process by:

  1. Mapping team dynamics affecting team performance
  2. Identifying relations which need to be improved as they become a bottleneck for the overall team performance
  3. Facilitating discussion and guiding the team through the change

Please contact us so we can demo it for you!