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Performance Management

Do your managers view performance management as an annual obligation, to be completed with a sigh of relief? Do they see performance management as an “event” instead of an ongoing process of coaching and giving feedback? 

F&H Solutions Group believes when managers are truly “managing performance,” they’re finding daily opportunities to praise, advise, and redirect their employees. The annual performance appraisal is simply the culmination of these day-to-day contacts.


A comprehensive Performance Management System should be one of your most effective tools to:

  • Attract and retain key talent
  • Influence employee behavior within your company’s culture
  • Bring greater focus to what’s important for success
  • Develop the skills that are needed for immediate and long-term success

Managing performance requires an understanding of certain underlying principles that are the same for any organization, regardless of size or industry. We apply those basic principles to designing systems that meet the unique needs of each client.

Basic Principles of Performance Management

  • Supported and modeled by executive and senior management
  • Clear link between the job description, job competencies, and targeted goals
  • Individual performance goals tied to organizational goals
  • Differentiate performance fairly
  • All users, managers and staff, must be educated in the process

Pay for Performance

How do you differentiate pay increases with a salary increase budget of 3% – 4%? Over the last several years, this has been an ongoing challenge with no one “right” answer. At F&H Solutions Group, we help our clients develop a pay-for-performance strategy, which may include direct & indirect incentive pay, merit pay, commissions, and annual & long-term incentives (for senior management), that helps the organization meet its financial goals, while equitably rewarding employee contributions.