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Harassment Orientation and Prevention Program

In today's litigious society, all employers must take a proactive approach to human resources to prevent employee lawsuits that are preventable and to successfully defend suits that are inevitable. Over the past several years, the number of employee lawsuits has increased steadily, particularly sexual harassment claims. Many of these claims have recurring problems that this prevention program was designed to address.

This module includes:

1. Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Policy: A prototype non-discrimination and anti-harassment policy.

2. Employee CD: Emphasizes the company's strong commitment to its EEO Policy prohibiting discrimination and harassment. The CD theme is "We care, we want to know, and we will not retaliate."

3. Acknowledgment Form for All Employees: Employees acknowledge their understanding of the company's EEO Policy prohibiting discrimination and harassment and the company's commitment to Equal Employment Opportunity.

4. Supervisor's CD: Training those who supervise others is an essential part of the Harassment Prevention Program. Supervisors learn the basics of preventing harassment and their duties under the law and company policy.

5. Acknowledgment Form for Supervisors: Emphasizes the special commitment all supervisors must make to the Harassment Prevention Program. It is the law and the right thing to do.