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Unleesh: Training Management System

Unleesh is a training management system for organizations of all shapes and sizes. It is a tool to train and interact with your team and community in a mobile, organized and collaborative space to share best practices and insights.

How can Unleesh help you?

  • Instantly delivers training and updates to your team and community
  • Tracks activity to nurture accountability
  • Gathers and provides ongoing feedback that helps everyone reach their potential

What are the features?


  • Push training and updates to teams
  • Collect feedback and insights in real time
  • Get everyone on the same page – ensure everyone understands capture feedback all year long, scale easily with technology

Critical Updates and Coordination

  • Real-time communication that increases employee engagement
  • Product education videos delivered, watched and tracked

Year-Round Employee Coaching and Training

  • The easiest LMS and so much more, HR Compliance, Onboarding, Skillbuilding

Staff Meetings

  • Capture what people learn and share the best ideas

Checklists and Compliance

  • Verify that employees are following protocol
  • Ensure quality instantly through photo and video
  • Nurture peer accountability

Insights & Analytics

  • Verify understanding and alignment instantly
  • Apply deep experntial learning to team management to capture real time insights

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