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STAY Program

Why is retaining employees so difficult? Times have changed. Gone are the days when employees would remain with the same company for their entire career. And yet your success depends on keeping them longer. Can’t change it…Sure you can.  

As the US economy improves, there is a higher demand and more options for workers. Job openings, recruiters, and apps put new opportunities in the pockets of every employee. In addition, a younger workforce wants mobility, paid vacation, and new experiences. These employees will not stay at an organization with a mediocre employee experience.

F&H Solutions Group has recognized the need and developed a program to help employees STAY at companies. Our STAY program supports managers in recognizing and appreciating their vital role in keeping their people. It provides a vehicle to help managers analyze their team and assess the flight risk associated with each team member.

Our interactive, fast-paced STAY program for managers and supervisors outlines clear steps designed to decrease the specific attrition threats they individually face.

  • Creates accountability and ownership with managers around retention
  • Promotes actionable efforts that lead to retention
  • Motivates managers to keep their people
  • Provides a model and framework on retention
  • Generates a flight risk assessment for each associate
  • Drives a Stay Plan related to each team member

The truth is:

  • The majority of managers think about retention after people resign…when it is too late
  • Most managers do not think about the effects of attrition on the business or the customer
  • The reasons for attrition are largely within a manager’s control or influence
  • Turnover is contagious, infectious and you can’t let it spiral out of control
  • The best retention plan is personal; each person stays and leaves for different reasons
  • People stay for different reasons from why the leave

STAY is based on three core components that can be implemented in various ways in order to best meet client needs:

STAY Organizational Assessment

An organizational survey that helps to discover what your organization is doing to keep people and what they are doing to lose people.  These issues can also be surfaced using an interview method as well. 

Leadership Session

Provides leaders with the understanding and awareness of how attrition works, what their role is, and a process to manage retention going forward. 

A Plan

Most training ends and hope becomes the strategy for change.  In STAY, each leader develops a STAY plan with an implementation strategy.  This commitment is collected and shared with appropriate leadership.  An application can be utilized to track success of the plan over time.