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Brad Federman

Igniting a Fire in Each of Your Employees

A life-altering discovery. Fire is transformative to our existence as human beings. Think about the impact fire has on modern day society:

Strong Culture and Values: Required, Not Optional

Culture and values have been around for years. Leaders and scholars have debated their importance and spent millions of dollars carefully crafting definitions and statements. Cultures and values have been seen as a fad with investments in posters and placards. But the truth is, they have never been more important in today’s world.

Command and Control is Dead

15 Tips For Offering Tactful Feedback To Your Employees

Constructive criticism is much needed in the business world, but it isn’t always well-received. You might struggle to hear that you’re not succeeding in certain areas—and being the person who has to hand out these comments to others isn’t much easier.

Why Are You Playing Russian Roulette with the Leadership and Direction of Your Company?

You need to bring in a strong executive…a heavy hitter, but you are worried. The last time you brought someone in they did not last and created a great deal of damage before they left.

A position opened up in your company, but it will be filled by an internal promotion. Multiple people are vying for the promotion and each of them have their sponsors. How do you promote the right person?

When hiring for a senior leadership role, you must take a comprehensive look at an individual before making an informed promotion and selection decision.

15 Ways Stay-At-Home Parents Can Prepare To Go Back To Work

Every day, around the world and across industries, professionals put their careers on hold to start a family. As the children grow up, many stay-at-home parents look forward to the day they can re-enter the workforce. However, after years away, not only has the business world likely shifted, but their experience and skills may be a bit stale.

Age Diversity Efforts Ease Tension, Find Pluses of a Multigenerational Workforce

A tour through a typical workplace is likely to show employees fresh out of school working alongside workers their parents’ age or older. Researchers have long taken note of the wave of Millennial workers—and lately the even younger Gen Z workers—finding their way in the world of work long populated by Gen Xers, Baby Boomers, and even those choosing to work well past a common retirement age.

Onboarding A New Employee? Follow These 11 Effective Strategies

In this Forbes article, FHSG COO Brad Federman and other Forbes Coaches Council members discuss how to properly and effectively onboard new hires - a very important process that many companies get wrong.

15 Signs That It's Time To Pivot Your Business

A startup business usually begins with a singular focus, with defined plans and goals in place.

13 Signs That You Should Walk Away From Your Startup Business

Starting a business is a complex, ever-evolving monster of a task, and tough decisions have to be made almost every day. Perhaps no decision is quite so tough as when an owner has reached the crossroads where money’s tight, frustration is setting in and it’s time to decide whether to press on or cut losses. That single decision could mean the start of a new direction for a business—or its end.

Time for a change in 2019: talent management resolution

2018 has come to a close, and a new year is upon us. As the new year begins, it’s a perfect time to re­flect and reassess personally and professionally. Businesses use strategic planning and budgets to re­flect that same thinking at an enterprise level. How­ever, all too often those choices are rushed—and even forced—based on constraints and lack of time. More importantly, people tend to be considered last on the list.