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HR Outsourcing

In 2016, 47% of employers outsourced their HR business functions. Don’t settle for less than best-in-class HR processes just because you’re not a multi-billion dollar company.

Your business might be too small to justify the cost of a dedicated HR professional. You have been forced to cut expenses by reducing your HR staff. Your HR staff need specialized expertise in a certain area. You are barely keeping your heads above water due to increased volume.

If any of these sound like your company, F&H Solutions Group will help you drive growth and improve business results through our HR support.

F&H Solutions Group partners with smaller employers to provide day-to-day HR support at a fraction of what it would cost the employer. Small companies have many of the same HR-related needs as larger ones, but don’t have the budget to justify hiring dedicated HR staff. We are available to provide temporary support when you need it – perhaps when you’re recruiting for a vacant position, or your business volume has exceeded your current staffing level. 

We will:
  • Ensure compliance with applicable labor laws
  • Facilitate effective communication between managers and employees
  • Coach and develop supervisors and managers
  • Manage compensation and employee performance plans

In many cases our clients have us facilitate special projects for which they don’t have the expertise internally. Examples include designing a new or revised compensation system, developing an employee performance appraisal process, or facilitating an employee attitude survey.

With F&H Solutions Group, you choose the HR services you want and create a work plan that meets your needs.