Employment Flyover: What Are the Implications of Providing Flight Attendants With Boarding Pay?
June 30, 2022
  • Traditionally, flight attendants are compensated from the time an aircraft leaves the gate until it lands at another airport and is again, parked at the gate.
  • Many people are surprised that flight attendants do not receive an hourly rate of pay while boarding passengers.
  • Recently, Delta Air Lines became the first U.S. airline to compensate flight attendants while boarding passengers. Delta also increased the time necessary for flight attendants to be on board ready to accept passengers.
  • Thus far, no other U.S. airline has established or negotiated boarding pay. With a number of U.S. airlines in negotiations with their flight attendant union, there is an expectation that in the years ahead, boarding pay will become the norm.
  • What this means for flight attendants is that their overall compensation will increase.
  • For passengers, the boarding process will start a little earlier than it does today, resulting in a calmer and more orderly boarding of the planes.
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