Tip Tuesday: 10 Common Employer Mistakes Related to the FMLA
August 08, 2023

Managing and administering the FMLA can be difficult and time-consuming. Many companies do not have the proper resources to manage the FMLA. Are your HR managers making these 10 common mistakes?

  1. Not having clear written policies
  2. Inconsistent enforcement of policies
  3. Improper supervisor training
  4. Not requiring paid leave to run concurrently with FMLA
  5. Not exercising the right to require certification
  6. Not supplying job descriptions with certifications
  7. Accepting incomplete or insufficient medical certifications
  8. Not requiring the employee to provide the reason(s) for a leave with every absence, including intermittent leave
  9. Grouping FMLA leaves taken for multiple reasons in one leave year
  10. Not requiring a fitness-for-duty release
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