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Tip Tuesday: 10 Key Points for Management When Developing Proposals

August 4, 2020

Contract proposals have legal, economic, operational, logistical and administrative impacts. A negotiating team should consider the following key points when developing proposals: ​

1. What are your overall objectives in negotiations? 

2. What is the purpose of each proposal?

3. What problems are you trying to solve? 

4. What is required to implement each proposal? 

5. What will the proposal mean to various stakeholders?

6. Is the proposal consistent with the organization’s strategic plan/policies? 

7. What is the total cost of the proposal? 

8. How does this particular proposal impact other proposals? 

9. What is the likelihood that the union will accept the proposal or a modification thereof? 

10. What is your BATNA (Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement)? ​