Tip Tuesday: 10 Reminders for Proper Notetaking During Negotiations
November 09, 2022

Effective note-taking is undeniably one of the most important tasks during negotiations. As part of a company’s comprehensive preparation, they should assign a detail-oriented note-taker that can operate in a fast-paced setting. What critical pieces of information must the note-taker include?

  1. Notes include the full names of the individuals in attendance
  2. Notes contain the date, time, and exact location of the session
  3. Notes include when either side agrees to an explanation of past practice or a general understanding of how a contract provision is administered
  4. Notes include when either side asks for clarification about a specific proposal
  5. Notes include when either side gives examples of how a proposal is applied and administered
  6. Notes include when either side explains why it is making a specific proposal
  7. Notes include when either side explains why a specific proposal is important
  8. Acceptable forms of notetaking are typed or legible handwritten notes
  9. Never permit anyone to record a negotiating session
  10. Notes are intended to be as accurate and structured as possible
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