Tip Tuesday: 10 Tips for Successful Recruiting
August 29, 2023

The only way to hire top talent and keep turnover low is to keep up with recruiting trends and understand what is most important to employees in today’s job market. Here are 10 tips for improving your recruiting tactics:

  1. Consider offering a flexible work schedule – the number one thing candidates want is a flexible option.
  2. Attract Gen Z – this generation will be 30% of the workforce soon, so start understanding their values and what’s important to them
  3. Tell a compelling story – an effective employer brand can help employees see themselves at the company and help them understand how they can make an impact
  4. Reconsider compensation and benefits – what else can make you stand out if you cannot compete with compensation? (examples: tuition assistance, mentorship, or leadership program)
  5. Support your hiring managers – keep lines of communication open, create a resource library
  6. Re-evaluate education and experience criteria – reconsider minimum qualifications to do the job. Is a 4-year degree really necessary or can they be taught the job with the skills they already possess?
  7. Seek partners to advance diversity – partner with schools, nonprofits, and professional associations to support the hiring of underrepresented populations
  8. Adopt new methods and tools – where are your candidates and how do you reach them? Should you place ads on Instagram and Tik Tok? Use QR codes?
  9. Maximize referrals – use your employees to recruit new candidates
  10. Build alumni and hire people who have left – many employees leave a company for more money but then realize they want back. Let them!
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