Tip Tuesday: 10 Ways to Bargain in Good Faith
January 31, 2023

Bargaining in good faith is critically essential in union negotiations and is considered an obligation on both sides. The duty to bargain in good faith is required to create a give-and-take environment. Here are ten ways to ensure your side is bargaining in good faith:

  1. Meet with the Union at reasonable times
  2. Bargain over mandatory bargaining subjects
  3. Bargain with a sincere interest in reaching an agreement (not surfacing bargaining or stalling)
  4. Provide relevant information to the Union upon request
  5. Sign an agreement once the terms are agreed to
  6. Refrain from modifying any term of the CBA without the Union’s agreement
  7. Bargain with the Union as opposed to dealing directly with employees (bypassing the Union)
  8. Show respect to Union representatives and engage in a professional manner
  9. Provide information to allow Union representatives to perform their functions under provisions of a CBA
  10. Focus on problem-solving (interest-based bargaining versus positional bargaining)
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