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Tip Tuesday: 11 Key Steps of an FMLA Assessment

July 7, 2020

Organizations often hire us to conduct an FMLA assessment so that they understand what areas of their FMLA process need improvement. During this assessment, we evaluate an organization’s FMLA policies, practices, and processes to determine whether they are adequate, legal and effective. Are you thinking about conducting an FMLA Assessment? Don’t forget these key steps:

1. Select a team

2. Determine the scope

3. Decide on a timetable

4. Develop a list of questions for HR personnel and supervisors

5. Collect all relevant documents

6. Develop a roadmap

7. Conduct the audit

8. Review the results and list the findings

9. Develop an implementation plan

10. Execute the plan

11. Maintain documentation as needed

Do you have questions about your current FMLA process? Contact Maria Reed, Manager of Absence Management, to discuss if your organization might need help with managing complex leaves of absences.