Tip Tuesday: 11 Qualities of a Suitable Workplace Investigator
August 09, 2022

If a problem or complaint has come up at your company, a proper investigation can help you figure out what happened and what to do about it. It can also help your company avoid liability, but only if you act fast and take effective action to remedy the problem.

Choosing a proper workplace investigator is a MUST. Whether it's an internal or outside investigator, look for these qualities when choosing the right person to investigate:

  1. Prior experience in investigations
  2. Impartiality – in fact & in appearance
  3. Personal credibility; respect of peers & others
  4. Ability to determine the credibility of witnesses
  5. Ability to determine when to maintain confidentiality
  6. Knowledge of your business, industry, operations
  7. Knowledge of applicable legal issues
  8. Good interviewing skills & ability to identify follow-up questions when new facts or issues arise during an interview
  9. “Communication fit” with the personalities & backgrounds of potential witnesses (an ability to develop rapport, press for admissions, & to understand interviewees)
  10. Knows how to probe, deal with emotions, manage resistance from witnesses (without intimidation), listen carefully, address follow-up questions, & remain patient
  11. Ability to take thorough, accurate notes, prepare well-written reports, testify & make a good witness
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