Tip Tuesday: 12 Ways to Improve Employee Engagement in Today's Market
October 25, 2022

Only 25% of employees strongly agree they feel connected to their culture (Gallup). Only 33% strongly agree that they belong at their organization (Workhuman). Disconnected employees hurt the bottom line no matter how you look at it.

Employee engagement and positive morale should be an area of focus in today’s labor market:

  1. Keep current and competitive on pay and benefits
  2. Watch for compression and equity problems
  3. Promote training (internal and external), mentoring, career pathing, and promotion
  4. Listen to, survey, and involve employees, including union leaders. Supporting first-level managers is key!
  5. Address the employee issues you can; handle the small things every time. Be sensitive to work/life issues!
  6. Address employee and supervisor performance problems: counseling, instruction, and discipline/reassignment, as appropriate
  7. Be transparent and informative about the business including the successes and problems they face
  8. Promote a “Culture of Recognition”- celebrate, appreciate, and respect. It is low cost, high return.
  9. Make recognition culture accessible and doable
  10. Set 'engaging' expectations for managers - many need to learn how to do it genuinely & regularly
  11. Leaders set the example down throughout the organization – walk the talk!
  12. Practice good human resources - care about your employees!
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