Tip Tuesday: 4 Negotiating Techniques to Break Through an Impasse
June 18, 2024

Despite each side's best efforts, negotiations do not always produce a timely agreement. Occasionally, both sides realize they cannot resolve some fundamental differences, resulting in a stalemate. What are some negotiating techniques to break through an impasse?

  1. Start with negotiating minor issues first to help build trust and goodwill.
  2. Adopt a framework by identifying any benefits/positives that may encourage the other side to see a different perspective (e.g., negotiating a pro-consumer and pro-employee provision).
  3. Keep talking to the other side. Often, one side hopes the other side will back down and give in to the demands, but both parties end up digging in their heels the more they fail to communicate. The ill will developed during the impasse will create more challenges when you return to the table.
  4. Think before you demand that the other party meet your conditions. Inflexible positions and rejections can easily lead to a prolonged impasse. Instead of taking a rigid stance, educate your counterparts about what aspects of their offers are most acceptable and consider what they might ask for in return for efficiencies.
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