Tip Tuesday: 5 Reasons Why You Aren't Just a Manager
April 06, 2021

When employees don't trust leadership, they may already be planning their exit. They don't care about strategy or customer initiatives and are completely checked out. So, who ultimately fosters trust in all levels of the organization? It's the manager!

Why Should Managers/Supervisors Be Held to the Highest Standard?

Front-line managers and supervisors:

  1. Are often an employer’s most valuable and influential tool in employee communications
  2. Are seen as the face and voice of the Company
  3. Are responsible for the majority of day-to-day communication
  4. Must be well-versed in the Company’s culture
  5. Must be available, knowledgeable, and responsive

How do you become an effective front-line manager, especially in a complex unionized environment? Our training will help you Manage Your Employees or Get Out of the Way.

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