Tip Tuesday: 5 Tips for Becoming a Better Negotiator
May 21, 2024

Good negotiation skills are integral to any joint problem-solving discussion or dispute resolution. The critical skills may be verbal, nonverbal, explicit, implicit, direct, or through intermediaries.

Negotiators can improve their negotiating skills through training, practice, and thorough preparation.

Below are five tips to help you become a better negotiator:

  1. Before negotiations, prepare by identifying key questions and assurances you’ll need from the other side. Anticipate what the other side might be willing to give up. What might they not budge on?
  2. It is essential to attempt to form a relationship with your counterpart. The deeper the relationship, the more likely your counterpart will treat you with respect and understanding. It will also help with communications during the most critical parts of negotiations.
  3. Always advocate to meet in person rather than virtually. Body language during negotiations can help convey valuable information and foster connections in face-to-face talks. It is also much easier to have sidebar conversations in person vs. online.
  4. Build your negotiation skills by setting up mock negotiations. Recreating real-life scenarios is a great way to practice. Do the same with your negotiating committee. Provide them with proposals to practice interest-based bargaining techniques.
  5. Speak with others who have achieved favorable outcomes in similar negotiations. What worked? What tips can they give you?
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