Tip Tuesday: 6 Best Practices for Managing Intermittent FMLA
July 11, 2023

Managing intermittent FMLA is a difficult process without the right system in place. When is the last time you examined your leave process to ensure you are tracking leave correctly? Below are six best practices for managing intermittent FMLA:

  1. Require annual certification
  2. Seek a second/third opinion if a pattern is present or if the estimate of leave seems high for the particular condition
  3. Require recertification every six months (In connection with an absence)
  4. Require recertification more often than every six months (When there is a significant change in leave, absence pattern, extensions of leave)
  5. Require a complete and sufficient certification
  6. Require the employee to state the reason and condition that caused each and every absence
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