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Tip Tuesday: 6 Key Components of Effective Contract Administration

August 18, 2020

Once negotiations have concluded and an agreement is in place, both parties must work together on an on-going basis to implement the provisions of the contract. This includes a willingness of both sides to work together and solve problems that may arise. To effectively administer a labor contract, employers need to:

1. Print and distribute the contract to the union and management

2. Train the affected constituencies regarding the provisions and changes in the contract and review issues associated with administering contract provisions 

3. Work with management and the union to ensure uniform interpretation of the terms and conditions of the contract

4. Attempt to settle grievances informally before resorting to the formal grievance procedure, which can entail significant time and expense

5. Consider the assistance of a third party mediator or facilitator if the matter could be resolved without arbitration

6. Maintain awareness of labor-management issues in other jurisdictions