Tip Tuesday: 6 Tips for Managing Social Media in a Unionized Environment
December 13, 2022

If an employee is unhappy, social media may become his or her's favorite place to vent. This is even more sensitive in a unionized environment, especially before or during negotiations. Here are six ways employers can help manage social media:

  1. Managers and supervisors should use caution when engaging with employees or unions through social media
  2. Conduct a social media policy that includes specific examples of what is and what is not acceptable conduct, using the takeaways as guidance. Otherwise, employers risk creating a policy that might be interpreted as either too narrow or overbroad
  3. Consult with counsel on developing a new social media policy or revising an existing one
  4. Circulate and post the social media policy in an easily accessible place
  5. Consult with counsel before you discipline an employee for having allegedly violated your social media policy
  6. Employers should make sure they understand all the facts of the situation before proceeding with discipline
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