Tip Tuesday: 7 Preparation Tips for Negotiation
December 15, 2020

Preparation is one of the keys to a successful negotiation.  Here are some tips when preparing for negotiations:

  1. Survey all the operational and non-operational teams who are impacted by a contract and get their input on what changes, if any, they would like to see made to the CBA
  2. Prioritize all the proposals from “nice to have” to “must haves” along with a cost associated with each proposed item
  3. Identify non-cost items that impact administrative or operational efficiency
  4. Work with your finance team to build a model that can cost out company and union proposals
  5. Identify bargaining team members and subject matter experts who will be needed during negotiations
  6. Identify your competitors and comparators when benchmarking contract provisions
  7. Establish a steering committee of senior executives who will provide guidance on negotiations strategy and cost limits

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