Tip Tuesday: 7 Ways to Improve Your Employees' Worklife
September 13, 2022

Americans' approval of labor unions is now at its highest point in more than half a century! While employers can't guarantee that workers will not organize, there are many significant ways they can make sure their employees feel valued and heard:

  1. Conduct 360-degree feedback to check the pulse of your workplace and find out what areas need changes
  2. Review your compensation and benefits plan to ensure your company is competitive within the marketplace AND see where you can provide a little bit more (i.e. remote work, bonus eligibility)
  3. Provide leadership training (a good manager makes ALL the difference in how your employees feel about your company)
  4. Be transparent and communicate with your employees. Explain unpopular decisions and share wins!
  5. Conduct an HR Audit to review policies/procedures and explore areas that need improvement
  6. Provide an employee hotline and a thorough follow-up process so that employees feel that management is listening and problem-solving
  7. Have a proper grievance procedure so that employees can come to management with issues
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