Tip Tuesday: 7 Ways to Produce Effective Benchmarking Comparisons
July 25, 2023

Benchmarking can be an invaluable tool in collective bargaining and maintaining a satisfied workforce. Below are some key things to consider in producing effective benchmarking comparisons.

  1. Carefully select the appropriate benchmarking comparators and be prepared to defend those choices with hard data and/or reasoning
  2. Select provisions to benchmark that have the highest financial and operational impact on the organization
  3. Involve key people in the organization to assist in selecting those items
  4. Consider surveying employees to ascertain which provisions are most meaningful and important to them
  5. Use charts and tables that are easy to read and interpret
  6. If the benchmarking is to be used in preparing for or during contract negotiations, leave room on your surveys to enter proposals from both parties
  7. Most importantly, if the data is to be shared with the other party or used in mediation or arbitration, ensure the data is 100% accurate; even the smallest inaccuracy puts all other data into question
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