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Tip Tuesday: Coronavirus Policy Questions to Consider

March 16, 2020

Companies are rapidly developing COVID-19 policies for their employees in real time.  Things to consider include:

  1. For employees who contract COVID-19, will they receive sick leave pay during their absence and if the employee has an accrued sick leave bank, will sick leave be deducted from their sick bank?
  2. For employees who are considered high risk, do not have COVID-19, but are order by their physician to be quarantined, will their absence be paid or unpaid?
  3. For employees who are required to stay home with someone in their immediate family who has contracted COVID-19, will their absence be paid or unpaid?
  4. For employees who self-quarantine, but are not considered high risk or do not have an immediate family member ill with COVID-19, what should that employee’s status be?