Tip Tuesday: Disciplining an Employee for Social Media Posts: Checklist
March 01, 2023

Employees often use social media to discuss their views on specific topics or express their displeasure over something work-related. As a manager, knowing what crosses the line is sometimes difficult.

Below is a checklist to review before bringing in your employee to discuss a social media post you may think is inappropriate.

  1. Did the employee make the post?
  2. Did the company appropriately access the post?
  3. Why is the post objectionable?
  4. Does the policy cover this post?
  5. Is the post protected activity? (terms and conditions of employment; inducing union action, complaining to management, enlisting support from co-workers)
  6. If protected, was the protection forfeited by being unlawful, insubordinate, or harms the employer?
  7. Is discipline proportionate to the offense?
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