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Tip Tuesday: Effective Techniques to Managing Employee Performance

March 10, 2020
  • Defining roles, responsibilities and expectations
  • Completing orientation and training on rules, policies and work processes/skills
  • Setting standards and objectives - daily and over time
  • Observing performance and providing informal or formal feedback
  • Correcting behavior when necessary, usually with counseling or discipline
  • It is Critical to Bottom Line Performance:
  • Employees ARE the #1 asset, particularly in specific industries:

-Safety and rules compliance
-Customer facing
-Self-supervising many times
-Multi-tasking, particularly in smaller companies

  • Employee work environment and engagement

-Health and well-being of the company
-Everyone pulling in the right direction

  • When employee performance is failing, address it.  Do not let it fester.
  • While some employee performance problems are correctable with training and goal-setting, many are behavior-based.
  • Addressing behavior or misconduct starts with:

-Goal of correcting, not punishing
-Having a progressive approach and policy of counseling or coaching and, if necessary, formal discipline