Tip Tuesday: How to Reach a CBA in a Difficult Environment
October 05, 2021

Today’s negotiations are occurring with the overhang of diverse and complex issues impacting management. This includes sky-high labor expectations, worker shortages, and intense industry competition. What are some strategies for reaching a collective bargaining agreement that can be ratified in this type of environment?

  1. Do your research and understand competitive market conditions
  2. Have information on new hire rates, signing bonuses, and benefits, both nationally and locally so your company can be competitive in the marketplace
  3. Given the labor shortages that exist in many locations, companies may have to pay more than they want to in order to keep employees
  4. Calculate the cost of turnover and attrition
  5. Develop attractive new hire and retention programs
  6. The younger generation of employees value a better work-life balance than previous generations of workers so proposals that provide enhanced time off are likely to be well received

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