Tip Tuesday: Questions to ask Benefits Leadership – Culture of Company Regarding LOAs
April 20, 2021
During the pandemic, factors like becoming infected with Covid-19, being forced to quarantine, taking care of a sick family member, or helping children at home, have resulted in increased unplanned absenteeism, contributing to a 36.6% loss of productivity due to unplanned absenteeism compared to 22.6% for planned absenteeism (SHRM).
When is the last time your company revamped its absence management program? How does your company view leaves of absence? Below are key questions to ask benefits leadership:
  • What’s the company culture surrounding employee leaves of absence?
  • How does the company become aware of new or changes to federal and state leave laws?
  • What is the process for reviewing federal, state, and company-authorized leave of absence policies?
  • What leaves of absence training does the leaves/benefits team undergo and at what cadence?
  • What training do managers receive for leaves of absence, such as federal, state, and local leave laws?
  • In your opinion, does the company sufficiently train and educate managers in their roles regarding leaves of absence?

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