Tip Tuesday: Reminders: Duty to Bargain in Good Faith
November 17, 2020

The duty to bargain in good faith sounds simple, right? Not always. Labor unions have been known to file ULP charges even before negotiating begins when parties can’t agree on dates, times, and locations for negotiating sessions. As a result, negotiations don’t always start off on the right foot.

Here are some other simple and helpful reminders regarding the “duty to bargain in good faith.”

• Good faith bargaining does NOT require either party to agree to a proposal made by the other party and make a concession to the other party. 

• It is important to remember “duty to bargain” does not require either party to agree or yield on firmly held positions. 

• The Company’s proposals and views are solely the result of three primary business decisions: 

           -What we can afford.

           -Staying competitive within the industry.

           -Remaining current with the marketplace. 

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