Tip Tuesday: What are the Benefits of Hiring an FMLA Third Party Administrator?
April 19, 2022

Let's face it. Administering the FMLA and other leaves of absence can be a major headache for your HR Department. Why not outsource?

  • Automates your leave administration process, reducing the time spent on manual leave administration
  • Shifts the administrative burden and cost of using resources away from your organization’s HR department
  • Reduces the risk of a DOL investigation, violation, and costly litigation
  • Limits FMLA usage only to those employees who have legitimate FMLA-qualifying reasons for leave
  • Redirects valuable resources to core business operations
  • Minimizes employees' time away from work by properly integrating all types of leave, including leaves within CBAs
  • Allows highly-trained leave specialists to administer FMLA and other types of leave
  • Alleviates workforce management and employee morale problems caused by chronic absenteeism and FMLA abuse
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