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Tip Tuesday: What Characterizes the Interest-Based Bargaining Process?

September 15, 2020

Interest-based bargaining comes in many forms with different names, such as "win-win" bargaining, mutual gains, principles, and interest-based negotiation. The basic goal is to reach an agreement that recognizes and satisfies the needs of both labor and management. It is characterized by a process that...​

  • Separates the people from the problem: People you are negotiating with are not the opposition. Both parties should focus on resolving problems. 
  • Focuses on interests, not positions: Shifts focus to underlying concerns, needs, fears, worries and interests and not on each party’s stated position. 
  • Creates options for mutual gain: Both sides generate a variety of solutions that will satisfy the needs of both parties. 
  • Insists on using objective criteria: Insists that the final agreement be based on objective standards or fair procedures, and gain consensus and commitment to such criteria from both parties.