Tip Tuesday: What Do Companies with Effective Labor Communication Have in Common?
March 08, 2022

Working with unionized employees can be quite different from working with employees who are not represented.

What do companies with effective labor communication have in common?

  • Managers understand that employees value open, honest, and direct responses to questions and comments.
  • Employers need to understand that their most important assets are: managers and supervisors. They are often seen as the face and voice of the Company and are responsible for the majority of day-to-day communication and interaction with employees.
  • Managers always make themselves available, knowledgeable, and responsive to employee concerns.
  • Managers and supervisors engage employees. It is important to encourage employee discussion and education.
  • Managers always provide facts in an even, respectful manner and take every opportunity to correct false or misleading information. This is often necessary in a unionized environment where employers face unique challenges.
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