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Tip Tuesday: Why Do Employees Organize?

June 29, 2021

While there is no magical formula that creates a desire for employees to organize, there are many reasons why employees may become unhappy over time and seek representation. Here are a few reasons why employees may unionize:

  • Poor frontline leadership
  • Poor scheduling/quality of work life
  • Lack of communication
  •  Lack of formal complaint avenue and/or concerns about co-workers, safety, HR matters, and other day-to-day issues that impact employees’ lives
  • Undesirable or unsafe working conditions
  • Overall organizational changes that create feelings of job insecurity, such as lay-offs, reductions in force, and leadership changes
  • Dramatic changes to specific job categories or functions
  • Below market or perceived uncompetitive wages and benefits
  •  Inconsistent application of corrective action or discipline
  • Favoritism and/or perception of preferred treatment from leadership with regard to unequal workload balances, assignments, rewards and recognition
  • Inconsistent pay rates and/or reward systems for employees in the same or similar job classifications
  • Lack of investment in training and development of employees