Tip Tuesday: Why Training Supervisors Should Come First
July 12, 2022

Many companies only invest in training for mid-level or executive-level managers when it’s the supervisors who actually interact with the employees every day. Here's why you should invest in your supervisors:

  • Supervisors must often learn to manage from their former managers – if they had a good manager, they have good supervisory skills. If they had a bad manager, their supervisory skills may be lacking.
  • Leadership training doesn’t only involve union-related issues. Training also helps leaders master the principles and strategies for developing high employee engagement. A union organizing campaign may not happen if there is good management on staff.
  • Enforce non-solicitation and access rules in accordance with the law.
  • Take proactive measures by training your labor team to understand how union and non-union organizations work.
  • Provide professional training for all supervisors to ensure everyone understands how management can respond during union organizing in a way that presents the facts, avoids legal pitfalls, and promotes employee engagement.
  • Educate your management team on what employers can say during a union campaign and appropriate ways to communicate with employees.
  • Create better leaders within the workplace to make the need for a union unnecessary.
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