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F&H Solutions Group Announces First News Service Focused Exclusively on Global Airline Labor Relations
June 09, 2015 PRWeb

Human resources and labor relations consulting firm introduces, an innovative news service dedicated to labor relations developments in the airline industry

F&H Solutions Group (FHSG), a national human resources and labor relations consulting firm, announces the launch of, the first and only news service exclusively focusing on airline labor relations developments worldwide. The news service will be provided by ARLEO, a Canadian consulting boutique and publisher. consolidates airline labor relations information from a multitude of scattered national and international sources into a convenient one-stop service. Covering flying crews and ground staff at airlines, ground handlers and other industry players across six continents, continuously monitors aviation industry news and distills only labor and employee relations developments into concise articles. Subscribers receive summaries in a daily newsletter, can access articles from's Twitter account and have access to the full articles on the website. They can also search and filter the database by company, union, employee group, region and more, and order customized reports and analyses targeted to their specific interests. Annual subscriptions for organizations and individuals come with a 21-day free trial period.

With an extensive network of airline industry clients and contacts, FHSG understands the importance of airline labor relations practitioners staying up to date on both national and international labor relations issues. "Existing airline industry publications bury labor relations developments among other content of limited interest to airline labor professionals. will give labor relations executives and practitioners efficient access to what really counts for them," said Jerry Glass, president of FHSG.

"Labor represents airlines' biggest controllable cost item, and employee relations are one of the most critical factors for an airline's success. Up to now the field has remained the stepchild of industry publications,” said Jo Steiner, director of ARLEO. "'s focused and comprehensive coverage of airline labor issues will benefit professionals at all levels: Airline and union executives can better integrate labor relations issues into their strategic decision making and communication; negotiators and contract administrators will be able to better contextualize their bargaining positions and practices; and front line managers and shop stewards will enhance the impact of their messages by putting them into an industry perspective."

For more information and to subscribe to the news service, please visit the website.

About F&H Solutions Group 

F&H Solutions Group is a national consulting firm specializing in human resources and labor relations matters. Our professionals have unmatched expertise and experience in working with all types and sizes of organizations in different industries in both the private and public sectors. Since 1989 FHSG has provided clients with solutions for a better workplace. Our long-term client relationships are a testament to our commitment to improving workplaces and preparing clients for a successful future. For more information, please visit F&H Solutions Group's website.

About ARLEO 

ARLEO is a business advisory boutique based in North America’s aviation capital Montreal, Canada. ARLEO serves clients in transport, hospitality and other industries through business planning, contract negotiation, conflict management, human capital and labor relations management. ARLEO was founded in 2013 by Jo Steiner, a labor relations practitioner and strategist who over 15 years held management and leadership positions in airlines and hospitality companies in Europe and North America. For more information, please visit ARLEO’s website.

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