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F&H Solutions Group Launches Anonymous Employee Ethics and Complaint Hotline Service
April 11, 2018 PRWeb

Employers Can Outsource Confidential Hotline to Encourage Speak-Up Culture and Avoid Costly Workplace Violations

F&H Solutions Group (FHSG) has launched an anonymous employee ethics and complaint hotline service to offer company employees a safe and confidential outlet to report complaints or ethical violations. With recent movements such as #metoo and #timesup, now more than ever, people are being encouraged to come forward about issues that affect them in their personal or work lives.

FHSG’s anonymous hotline helps employees who may feel scared or discouraged from reporting issues for many reasons: fear of retaliation, feeling uncomfortable about speaking to colleagues, and fear of repercussion by coworkers.

Without an efficient complaint hotline in place, costly litigation, public relations nightmares and decreased morale are at stake.

An Ernst & Young survey found that 80 percent of employees would be willing to report a coworker’s illegal or unethical activity, and 39 percent would be more likely to make a report if they could remain anonymous.

The anonymous complaint process takes a few minutes. Employees can call a telephone number to speak with an FHSG customer service representative or can complete the anonymous complaint process online through a survey link. All complaints are thoroughly documented, detailed and tracked. Once an employee files a complaint, an investigation begins immediately. This way, the organization can solve internal problems quickly before they become larger external ones.

“Organizations need to realize that implementing an employee hotline shows that they care about their employees and that they are making a good effort to ensure a safe, diverse and inclusive workplace culture,” says Brad Federman, Chief Operating Officer of F&H Solutions Group.

To obtain more information on how to implement an anonymous employee ethics and complaint hotline service for your organization, please visit our website or contact Brad Federman at or 901.291.1547.

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