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F&H Solutions Group Launches Arbitration Submission Service
October 24, 2014 PRWEB

Solutions’ Submission Service saves rail carriers time preparing for arbitration hearings

F&H Solutions Group (FHSG), a human resources and labor relations consulting firm, announces the launch of Solutions’ Submission Service to help rail carriers prepare for arbitration hearings.

As labor relations professionals know, preparing a submission for arbitration can be very time consuming, depending on the length of the formal record, complexity of the facts, time needed to research past arbitration awards, and time needed to develop the carrier’s arguments. The service provides high quality submissions and enables a company’s labor relations department to focus its time on other important issues related to core organizational objectives.

Besides a sound analytical foundation, a well-written and well-researched arbitration submission must have: 

  • A strong statement of facts. The statement of facts is the foundation for the rest of the submission. It lays out the relevant details in a way that is easy for the arbitrator to understand and does not assume the arbitrator is necessarily familiar with railroad jargon.
  • A persuasive section on the claimant’s guilt. Demonstrating that the carrier has met its burden of proof and corroborated the charges is essential. This involves an in-depth discussion of the testimony and material evidence adduced during the formal hearing.
  • A compelling section on the appropriateness of the discipline assessed. Showing that the disciplinary action was commensurate with the charges is crucial. This involves explaining the consequences, or potential consequences, of the claimant’s actions and citing relevant prior arbitration awards.
  • A solid section on procedural objections. Procedural flaws can compromise an otherwise good case. The ability to adequately address procedural errors can prevent a case from being lost on a technicality.

“We know that labor relations staffs have many responsibilities. Offering a service that allows labor and management to remain focused on critically important organizational issues and still meet grievance and arbitration obligations takes pressure off of management to meet important union deadlines,” said Jerry Glass, President of F&H Solutions Group.

Interested companies can view a sample writing submission or direct any questions to Kelly Boehner.

Solutions’ Submission Service is one of many arbitration research tools that F&H Solutions Group has available. The firm also offers subscriptions to two arbitration award databases, which house more than 6,500 full-text, searchable arbitration awards. FHSG also offers Solutions’ Stats, an invaluable and time-saving report service, which offers customized, informative and straightforward arbitrator reports.

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