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Nationally and Internationally Recognized Diversity and Inclusion Expert Joins F&H Solutions Group
September 10, 2018 PRWeb

Roquita Coleman-Williams joins F&H Solutions Group as a diversity and inclusion expert, certified executive coach, facilitator and designer of inspiring leadership programs.

F&H Solutions Group (FHSG), a national consulting firm specializing in employee engagement, human resources and labor relations, welcomes Roquita Coleman-Williams to the firm’s Memphis office. She will help support the firm’s growing diversity and inclusion training, employee engagement and leadership practice areas.

Prior to joining F&H Solutions Group, Coleman-Williams managed market strategy and commercial relationships, as well as executed short- and long-term business strategy, for supply chain giants UPS and CN. Managing teams of as many as 300 sales representatives, she drove sustainable, win-win growth and built valuable relationships with supply chain channel partners, commercial real estate developers, transportation providers, asset managers, economic developers and other key transportation industry stakeholders.

In 2011 Coleman-Williams permanently changed the landscape in these male-dominated industries. She became the 63rd president—and first African American president—of the Memphis World Trade Club.

A few years later, the White House sought to increase the number of women working in the transportation industry. Coleman-Williams was among the select leaders assembled by the University of Memphis Intermodal Freight and Transportation Institute to work with politicians, industry leaders, corporations and academic institutions advocating policies that enable gender and minority balance in the transportation industry.

“Inclusion matters because it promotes business growth and it helps to ensure prosperity is widely shared. I am excited to work with F&H Solutions Group to connect organizations with the critical roadmaps they need to have engaged and inclusive cultures,” Coleman-Williams says.

Coleman-Williams received a bipartisan recommendation from the majority leader of the state senate and a member of Congress to the Department of Transportation’s Federal Advisory Board due to her leadership through a cultural and systemic transition and implementation of a more inclusive transit system. She also became one of a few women to be certified in the management of railroad conductors.

Brad Federman, FHSG’s Chief Operating Officer (COO) says, “I am extremely excited that Roquita Coleman-Williams is joining us. Roquita has paved the way for black females within the railroad industry. She not only understands what inclusion is and how it works, but she has addressed inclusion at a personal level and can offer our clients a great deal of value because of that unique perspective.”

Coleman-Williams has been recognized nationally and internationally—Top 40 under 40, Memphis Business Journal Super Women in Business, Rising Stars of North American Railroads and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Distinguished Service Honoree—while promoting gender and minority balance across the transportation industry.

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