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Positive Employee Relations Training

Even the most well-trained managers and supervisors can use help both recognizing the warning signs of a possible union organizing campaign and dealing with a petition for union representation.  

F&H Solutions Group helps company leadership, HR managers and front-line managers understand how to respond within the guidelines of the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) or the Railway Labor Act (RLA).

FHSG's labor relations consultants work with organizations’ leadership team to quickly understand the issues, develop an appropriate campaign response, and plan and educate the team on all aspects of the organizing process. It is important for the team to remain alert, exude confidence and be prepared with a proper messaging strategy.

Our training will cover the following:

  • Building a positive workplace culture
  • Learning proactive strategies to address employee concerns
  • Establishing an open and honest two-way dialogue between management and employee
  • Developing proper communications and response plan up to and throughout an  organizing campaign
  • Conveying information about the union to employees
  • Learning what you can legally say or do
  • Understanding techniques a union may use and how to respond
  • Education about the applicable labor law