Positive Employee Relations Training

Union-free today, but what about tomorrow?

While the union membership rate is stabilizing in 2019, unions are using new tactics to pressure employers and encourage employees to unionize. In today’s world, millennials use social media to unofficially organize, forming organizations that don’t take direction from a union but act like one. Millennials want a voice in the workplace and in society. Gen Y are activists, just the kind of people the unions want. How can employers adapt to the changing trends of unionization?

This training discusses the trends of unionization in the workforce, what you should do to create a positive employee relations environment, and how employers can remain union-free.

Our training will cover the following:

  • Building a positive workplace culture
  • Learning proactive strategies to address employee concerns
  • Establishing an open and honest two-way dialogue between management and employee
  • Developing proper communications and response plan up to and throughout an  organizing campaign
  • Conveying information about the union to employees
  • Learning what you can legally say or do
  • Understanding techniques a union may use and how to respond
  • Education about the applicable labor law
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