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F&H Solutions Group Launches Improved Absence Management Service
January 07, 2014

Leave Management Solutions offers employers an efficient and cost-effective alternative to managing complex Family and Medical Leave (FMLA) and other leaves of absence

F&H Solutions Group, a human resources and labor relations consulting firm, announces the launch of Leave Management Solutions, a comprehensive absence management service with a state-of-the-art leave management system.

The firm has offered FMLA administration since 2007, but is expanding its capabilities to include the administration of all types of leave. F&H Solutions Group is using an enhanced system that helps track absenteeism, provide consistent application of FMLA and other leave policies and reduce exposure to unfavorable grievance and litigation outcomes. F&H Solutions Group’s absence management service allows human resources managers to focus on higher-level activities and priorities.

F&H Solutions Group President Jerry Glass says, “We have been developing this new system for well over a year. Our clients have asked for an expansion of our leave services, and this product is the result of their input and our extensive experience in absence management. We know that managing FMLA and other leaves can be costly and time consuming; more importantly, it is not a core administrative function. Our new service enables HR staff to concentrate on important organizational objectives.”

Leave Management Solutions gives F&H Solutions Group the ability to work with employers to effectively track, automate and manage leaves of absence. The technology behind the system features innovative tools to include self-service absence reporting, employer access to leave information, detailed reports that can be customized by the user, various security levels to ensure confidentiality of sensitive information, precise tracking of leave entitlement, and incorporation of all federal and state law administration rules.

F&H Solutions Group’s improved absence management system eliminates manual leave processes with a proprietary, web-deployed software application. The firm’s leave specialists do all the work—answering employees’ questions, processing requests for leave and sending required forms and letters—while maintaining compliance with federal and state laws and regulations, collective bargaining agreements and company policies.

For more information on F&H Solutions Group’s Leave Management Solutions, please visit For a live, interactive demo of Leave Management Solutions, organizations can complete a request form on F&H Solutions Group’s website.

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