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F&H Solutions Group Welcomes Top Railroad Labor Relations Expert
December 04, 2019 PRWeb

Charlie Woodcock, former Amtrak executive and labor relations expert within the transportation industry, is joining F&H Solutions Group.

F&H Solutions Group (FHSG), a national consulting firm specializing in labor relations, is excited to welcome Charlie Woodcock to the firm. He will support FHSG’s existing and prospective clients with their labor relations needs.

Woodcock has more than 43 years of labor relations and human resources experience, including developing labor strategy, conducting negotiations, restructuring processes and systems, and overseeing service and quality improvement.

Woodcock recently retired from an accomplished career at Amtrak, where he headed up the labor relations function, strategy and staff—12 unions and 24 labor contracts—for the past nine years. He also served as chief negotiator for labor contracts at the local and national levels, including major wage and rule agreements under the Railway Labor Act (RLA). In addition, Woodcock administered Amtrak’s collective bargaining agreements (CBAs), including contract interpretation, and claim and grievance administration through arbitration.

“I am excited to be joining the professionals at F&H Solutions Group and look forward to contributing my expertise in reaching labor relations outcomes that support company objectives and today’s workplaces,” Charlie Woodcock says.

During his tenure at Amtrak, Woodcock also advised and formally trained line officers on labor agreement application, work rule implementation, management rights and the discipline process. He served as a labor relations liaison with outside counsel, consultants and department teams, conducting research and preparing issues for fact-finding panels, interest arbitration forums and government oversight agencies. He also served as an expert and chief witness in special arbitrations. Woodcock conducted a wide range of special projects and research, including analyses of arbitration, wage, and contract trends; existing rules applications and improvements; and effective work rules and best practices.

For 20 years, Woodcock was the Management Chairman on the Joint Medical Administration Committee (JMAC), a labor-management committee responsible for the oversight of Amtrak’s agreement-covered employee medical plan. He also held other field corporate human resources and labor relations roles at Amtrak, where he led recruiting, labor relations functions in support of division operations, and various field and corporate labor relations initiatives. In addition, he supervised professional staff supporting division and headquarters line and staff operations.

“There is no one more respected in railroad labor relations than Charlie. Our clients will benefit from having someone with so much knowledge. It is an honor to have Charlie join FHSG,” says Jerry Glass, president of F&H Solutions Group.

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