Jerry Glass President

Jerry Glass is the President of FH Solutions Group.

Jerry Glass has been recognized as a top human resources and labor relations expert for more than 35 years. He has extensive experience as a negotiator, an analyst and an advisor, and has served as chief negotiator for more than 250 different labor agreements in the airline, aviation-related, railroad, construction, property management, and manufacturing industries. In addition, he has been the chief negotiator in the elevator construction industry’s last three rounds of multi-employer bargaining, representing that industry’s four largest companies.

Jerry is an expert negotiator who advises clients on human resources issues, negotiation strategies and contract proposals. His experience includes conducting comparative studies of various industry agreements with pay, work rules, practices and procedures, and benefit plans. In addition, Jerry provides industry analysis on employee relations, labor negotiations and industry settlements for investment banks, financial services institutions and other nonairline companies. He represents investors and corporations in mergers and acquisitions in multiple industries, focusing primarily on conducting due diligence on labor issues, negotiating consolidated collective bargaining agreements involving several companies and advising merged companies on overall labor and employee relations strategy.

He also has considerable experience in corporate restructurings, having served as chief negotiator and labor advisor in numerous Chapter 11 reorganizations. He has testified in multiple Section 1113 cases and other Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases as an expert witness on management compensation and retention and on comparative pay, work rules and benefits.  He is also recognized by federal and state courts as an expert on labor relations and human resources matters.

Jerry rejoined the consulting firm in October 2005, after serving as executive vice president and chief human resources officer at US Airways from April 2002 through September 2005.

At US Airways, Jerry was responsible for labor relations, human resources, policy and compliance, benefits, compensation, recruiting, and corporate learning and development. Before founding J. Glass & Associates, FH Solutions Group’s predecessor, Jerry served from 1980 to 1989 with the Airline Industrial Relations Conference, the labor policy and information exchange organization of U.S. scheduled airlines, holding several senior positions, including vice president, secretary-treasurer and director, labor relations research. He reported to the chief executive officers and chief labor relations officers of 22 airlines. He was responsible for keeping members abreast of changes in labor agreements, contract negotiations and trends in collective bargaining. Jerry produced materials senior management and their staff used to assess intra-industry developments in pay, benefits and working conditions. He also formerly served as assistant to the director of economic studies for the American Association of University Professors.

In 1994, he co-founded the Labor Relations Association of Passenger Railroads (LRAPR). LRAPR is an information exchange organization comprised of the chief labor relations officers from major passenger railroads in the northeastern and midwestern parts of the United States.  As part of his representation of passenger railroads, Jerry negotiates collective bargaining agreements and advises passenger railroads on various labor and employee relations matters.

Jerry has been quoted in hundreds of newspaper and magazine articles and interviewed on numerous podcasts, radio and television programs regarding labor- and human resources-related matters. He has appeared on television, including the PBS NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, and FOX Business Network. He has been quoted in the Associated Press, Bloomberg, Business Week, Chicago Tribune, Detroit Free Press, Minneapolis Star Tribune,, Reuters, USA Today, The New York Times, Los Angeles Times and The Washington Post.

In addition, he is a frequently requested speaker. His topics have included pay and labor markets in a global era, costing out labor contracts, and health and welfare benefit plans trends.

Jerry is a graduate of Boston University. He holds a master’s degree in public administration from The George Washington University.