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Popular Actor and Entertainment Consultant Joins F&H Solutions Group to Launch Corporate Improv Classes
April 23, 2019 PRWeb

Sean Whalen joins F&H Solutions Group to teach improv classes for team building and public speaking.

F&H Solutions Group (FHSG), a national consulting firm specializing in employee engagement, human resources and labor relations, is excited to welcome Sean Whalen to the firm. He will teach improv classes to help FHSG clients with team building and public speaking.

Whalen will use his considerable improvisation expertise to help organizations strengthen their culture. Specifically, he will help teams improve trust, morale and communication through fun and interactive classes. Unlike many team-building activities, employees will feel like these sessions are worth their time and will reveal strengths and leadership qualities they never knew they had.

Brad Federman, Chief Operating Officer says: “Sean’s improv classes are a way for FHSG to offer clients creative and out-of-the-box services and, at the same time, provide solutions to some serious organizational issues.”

In addition to improv for team building, Whalen will help employees and leaders conquer their fear of public speaking. Through a loose, fun improvisation class, he will provide participants with the tools to be both vulnerable, authentic and in the moment—a key to connecting with an audience.

Lastly, Whalen and his network of actors will be available to perform as entertainment at conferences. The comedy from improv is not only entertaining, but funny. They can also bring key executives and other employees up from the audience to participate. The conference performance can be a very bonding experience for companies.

“I am excited to be working with FHSG using one of my first loves, Improv. I have seen individuals and teams of people improve their lives using improv techniques. Plus it’s energetic and fun! Can’t wait to share these insights with FHSG clients,” says Whalen.

Whalen is a professional actor, writer, producer and director from the Washington, DC, area. In addition to acting, he teaches improv, scene study and auditioning. He also coaches actors privately, and he is one of the founders and teachers at the Neighbors Comedy Dojo at Playhouse West in Los Angeles. Recently, Whalen began teaching corporate improv to encourage team building and improve public speaking.

Whalen has appeared in many major films, including “People Under the Stairs,” “Twister,” “Never Been Kissed,” “Jury Duty,” “That Thing You Do,” “Men in Black,” “Employee of the Month,” “Waterworld,” “Batman Returns” and “Jersey Boys.” He also has appeared in numerous television shows, such as “Lost,” “Constantine,” “Castle,” “Criminal Minds,” “NYPD Blue,” “Friends,” “Magnum PI” and “Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” He has worked on shows for Disney and Nickelodeon and has had recurring roles on the shows the “Bold and the Beautiful,” “Unfabulous” and the NBC comedy “Superstore.”

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